Drogue-osaurus chute
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The Dino Chutes Drogue-osaurus is a premium quality parachute that can be used as a drogue parachute or when you need a heavy-duty parachute. It is available in either an 18" or 24" size.

The eight 3/16"-wide shroud lines on this drogue parachute are overlapped onto the skirt by 2" and stitched with a true bartack stitch. Our bartack machine first sews a single stitch then covers it with a zigzag stitch to protect that single line of stitching. This is superior to most other parachutes that use a plain zigzag stitch all by itself that has no overlapping protection. This drogue chute is recommended when you don't need the extra bulk and weight and strength of "over the top" shroud lines.

There's a mini bridle assembly at the bottom of the shroud lines that is bartacked together and reinforced with 1/2" tubular webbing that is sealed with heat shrink tubing. The swivel is rated at 1,000lbs strength.

The edges of the parachute's skirt are serged rather than folded in order to provide some stretch as well as more compact packing.

All the seams in this parachute are "real" lap seams where the two lines of stitching go entirely through multiple layers of fabric- just like real man-rated parachutes. In fact, these are sewn with the same top-of-the-line equipment and attachments used by the big guys. You'll notice how nice and precise the seams are. Don't be fooled by products with what appears to be lap seams except that the first line of stitching only goes through two layers of fabric. For the most strength you need real lap seams and that’s what you’re getting with this premium quality drogue parachute.

All the lap seams on this product are reinforced with Mil-Spec nylon tape that is rated at 200lbs strength. The tape is sewn down nice and flat because we use a mechanized puller on our sewing machine to provide the right amount of tension during the sewing operation. The combination of lap seams and taped seams creates really strong seams.

This line of parachutes is more robust than the typical parachute. As such, you need to make sure your ejection method has enough "oomph" to push the parachute out of your airframe. Ground testing is strongly recommended. These parachutes work especially well with our companion Petal Protector line of products.

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Drogue-osaurus chute

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