GARAGE SALE- 12" X-form red parachute (wrong size), 2 pack
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This is for a 2-pack of our 12" x-form parachutes that were made slightly undersized. The dimensions are closer to 11-3/4" by 11-1/4". Yes, the one dimension is different than the other, but your rocket won't know that difference at this price.

These parachutes are presently only available in a red color.

X-form parachutes tend to provide a more stable descent as compared to the typical hexagon parachutes. They can also twist a little bit upon descent, so a swivel type attachment is recommended for the larger sizes. An x-form parachute also tends to pack more tightly than a comparable hexagon shaped parachute because there's less fabric overall.

These parachutes are sized according to the length of the rectangular sections. So an 18" x-form parachute has both rectangles being 18" in length. The width of the rectangular sections is 1/3 of the length. So a 18" x-form parachute has rectangular sections that are 6" in width.

These are constructed with the side panels sewn on separately which means that there isn't a double layer of fabric on top of the parachute. This allows them to be packed more tightly than other brands.

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GARAGE SALE- 12" X-form red parachute (wrong size), 2 pack

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