Garage Sale

These are either discontinued products, or products that were produced slightly off-sized, or products with cosmetic issues and most products are offered at a 50% discount. Very limited quantities are available for some items, so if you see something you like then you might want to buy it right away. See bottom of page for important limitations.

Please check this page often. We'll oftentimes list a number of items only to have them sell rather quickly. These are great prices, but these heavily discounted products can sell within the same day of their listing.

GARAGE SALE- Deployment bag- small size
GARAGE SALE- Deployment bag- small size

We carry two sizes of deployment bags that are intended for use with mid-power sized rockets. Our smaller bag measures approximately 4" x 7.5" and is intended to be used with BT-80 sized body tubes, or any body tube that is at least 2.5" in...


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