Garage Sale

These are either discontinued products, or products that were produced slightly off-sized, or products with cosmetic issues and most products are offered at a 50% discount. Very limited quantities are available for some items, so if you see something you like then you might want to buy it right away. See bottom of page for important limitations.

Please check this page often. We'll oftentimes list a number of items only to have them sell rather quickly. These are great prices, and these heavily discounted products can sell within the same day of their listing.

We are discontinuing our line of Nomex parachute protectors along with the Nomex sleeve shock cord protectors, so the ones still left have been discounted by 50%! Those are being replaced by our line of fire resistant fabric protectors that are available elsewhere on our site.

GARAGE SALE- Dog Barf Pouch for TARC teams- 2 pack
GARAGE SALE- Dog Barf Pouch for TARC teams- 2 pack

Rocket enthusiasts will often times use shredded cellulouse house insulation to protect their rocket's parachute from the motors ejection charge blast. This insulation material is oftentimes fondly referred to as "dog barf". The actual amount of...


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